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why i wanna be engginear??
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 | 21:44

i don't know why...but i really love this subject..many people ask me whether I am really interested in engineering ..whereas I am a girl .. and not suitable in engineering..and so many question that i can't answer..

i thing i have ten great reason why i love enggineering subject.
  • i wanna love my work
  • i wanna be creative, 
  • i wanna work with the great people,
  • solve problems and desingn things that matter
  • never be bored,
  • make a big sallary,
  • enjoy job flexibility,
  • travel,
  • make a differences
  • change the world
So, kesimpulanya semua bidang sama je..tiada perbezaan if we work hard we will find a success..there is no effort without success rite??
and of course I want to make mom and dad happy with my success.saya nk balas jasa mereka.
without them who I was..love you mum and dad...muah muah muah <3

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Assalamualaikum..hello freinds! my name Husna Izzati,just call me Husna..Student at Universiti teknikal malaysia melaka..i want make my parents proud with me..wish me to be an engineer one day ya =D ..my love quotes "jadikan dirimu umpama bunga di dalam balang, cantik dipandang tapi sukar di pegang"..that's all about me if you want to know more about me, just being my friend.. ^_^ welcome to my super awesome blog :)

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